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Are you a small business in New England who sometimes finds that IT is acting as an anchor on business growth and costs you money rather than propelling your business forward and helping your bottom line? IT Mgmt Solutions has the answers.

Most of our clients have 5 to 250 workstations and rely on their IT networks and the internet to run their business. Some require specialist software and enhanced data security or need round the clock solutions. Our expertise can help by giving you back the time to focus on your business and not your technology.

  • We improve IT reliability and security and ensure expensive downtime is a thing of the past.
  • We give peace of mind by ensuring your data is always backed up.
  • We embrace the internet and tablet tech to ensure your workers can work from wherever they are.
  • We proactively monitor your networks to ensure problems are fixed well before they cause downtime.
  • We are your long-term IT partner and regard your success as our own. So we delight in always going the extra mile.
  • We learn about your company and its goals and ensure your tailored IT helps you to grow in the most effective way.


How much money will managed cloud services save you?

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From fewer hardware purchases to less IT downtime, cloud technology comes with clear financial benefits. But if you’re struggling to quantify savings related to things like increased employee productivity and operational efficiency, this eBook was written for you.


Why our clients love working with it management solutions

Ross Mortgage Company

Northbridge Companies

Silverio Insurance Agency

Paradise Dental Associates

Laurentide Mashpee Assisted Living

Amherst Village Dental

Take advantage of special offers available to new clients. Discover how you can save money on IT and use the savings to grow your business.