Back to Basics – Weekly Cyber Security Tip to Protect Your Business

A lot of time is spent on staying protected from the newest type of scam or the newest cybercrimes, but as is true with many things, remembering the basics is the entire foundation of making sure you, your company and your clients remain safe.

Everyone in the company or organization should know basic security principles. Security principles and policies should be documented and part of every new employee training. Strong password requirements, only connecting remotely over VPN and Internet usage guidelines are examples of some common security policy items. Strict penalties for violating security policies should be detailed.

It’s not a good habit to save files onto your computer if there is a location on the network or on your server that they can live. They’re much less likely to be backed up on your computer, whereas they’ll reliably and regularly be backed up if they are saved on the server.
If you use websites or software that do not require regular password changes, set a calendar reminder to change the password yourself every other month.

As with other things, a little prevention goes a long way – remembering the security basics, and asking about them if you don’t know what they are, is the single best thing you can do to protect yourself and protect the company.

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