5 Success Points Learned from a Shar

5 Success Points Learned from a Shar


I had the pleasure of meeting Daymond John CEO of FUBU and one of the members of Shark Tank. He talked about how he was able to overcome all the obstacles he encounters throughout his life by following 5 simple points.

Today I want to share these 5 points that were shared with me.

5 Points to achieve success:

  1. SET A GOAL – to be specific set SMART goals, if you don't know how here is a link that can help. https://youtu.be/PCRSVRD2EAk
  2. HOMEWORK - Make sure you track your progress, what is not measure is not known.
  3. AMORE - Love what you do. Figure out your WHY in life, your PURPOSE.
  4. REMEMBER - Brand yourself, how others see you affect the outcome.
  5. KEEP SWIMMING - NEVER give up, be consistent, BE FOCUS and LEARN from your mistakes.

To conclude I want to say, remember where you come from. Always go back and help others rise as well.