What Is a Human Firewall? Strengthen Your Company’s Security

As data breaches become more common and cyber security emerges as one of the most important considerations for large organizations in the information age, cost-effective methods of reducing security threats are heavily sought after. Luckily, human firewalls are a great addition to traditional security measures that can strengthen the weakest links in the company, reduce data loss and theft, and maintain a secure environment with reduced technological intervention.

What is Remote IT Support? Guide for Cost-Cutting Organizations

For companies that do not want the expense of managing an in-house information technology team, using an outsourced IT service provider is an outstanding option that can provide the level of service and support you require for all customers. All IT functions are handled for you, including:

Network management
New hardware installation
Security and compliance
Remote access solutions
On-site support
Remote access solutions
Mobile device management

These are just a few critical functions your IT service provider will provide, but one of the most crucial will be ongoing remote support.