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Why now is the time to start outsourcing IT support services

Why now is the time to start outsourcing IT support services

IT has seen rapid changes in recent years. With the introduction of new technologies and cloud computing services, businesses can now take advantage of a wide range of benefits that weren’t available before. However, this also means that companies need to be more aware than ever about their security and reliability needs. Because of this, many business owners find themselves questioning whether outsourcing IT support services is the best route for them.

If this is true in your case, you’re in the right place. We’re going to discuss how outsourcing IT support services can have tremendous advantages over keeping everything in-house, especially right now when hiring new talent is a challenge.

But first, let’s talk about what services you can outsource…

What IT Support Services You Can Outsource

Professional IT specialists help your business by managing the network, services, users, and devices vital to your day-to-day operations. Having these services streamlined ensures seamless operations across all hierarchies, roles, and departments within the company. Below are some of the IT services you can outsource:

  • Data backup and recovery
  • Network management and monitoring
  • Cybersecurity and firewall services
  • Help desk support
  • Upgrades and maintenance
  • And more…
  • Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support Services Now

    With the advancement of technology and disruption of everyday life by the COVID-19 pandemic, many business owners are finding it difficult to hire an in-house team of IT specialists. As a result of worker shortages, companies like McDonald's are increasing their hourly rates to attract candidates. However, not all businesses can afford to do the same just yet. Many are instead adopting outsourcing as a more cost-effective solution.

    Here are seven benefits of outsourcing IT support services:

    1. Cost-Effectiveness

    Outsourcing full-service IT support is a great way to save money and get more value overall. For many small businesses, outsourcing is often less expensive than hiring an in-house team of IT specialists. This is because you have to factor in not only the cost of paying employees (which, right now, means offering more than people can earn on unemployment) but also the cost of paying for equipment, office space, and utilities.

    Outsourcing also provides 24/7/365 support regardless of whether you have one employee on staff or hundreds. There are no set work hours like there would be to have employees come into the office every day. Instead, IT providers can offer round-the-clock staffing so that issues don't continue unresolved overnight.

    2. Access to Highly Qualified Professionals

    In the world of tech, one mistake can have your whole system crumbling down. This can lead to huge data losses and increased vulnerability. Having a team of reliable IT specialists behind you eliminates such massive risks.

    3. Resource Optimization

    Outsourcing IT support services give you access to the best people with a vast network of specialists. Providers have an extensive knowledge base that is more than sufficient for every need and requirement.

    A team of professionals who are constantly working on resource optimization can help you manage resources in such a way as to ensure maximum output without compromising any performance or quality standards.

    They will be able to do this by leveraging their expertise across all areas, such as software development, while also ensuring they develop new strategies and techniques where necessary.

    4. Security

    With the ever-evolving technological trends, cybersecurity has become a must for any business. Unfortunately, cyberattacks have for a long time been a costly affair for any business. And they are only getting more expensive.

    Outsourcing full-service IT support will allow you to focus on your core competencies instead of worrying about security, software updates, hardware upgrades, etc. All of which can be taken care of by an outsourced provider with minimal supervision from you.

    It is difficult to find qualified people in today's market. This makes outsourcing even more essential. By getting outside help, you can have peace of mind knowing there’s a team of IT experts working to keep your systems safe from cybersecurity threats.

    5. Scalability

    With outsourced IT support, you can look forward to a level of scalability that in-house IT just doesn’t offer. The provider you choose will deliver the services you need when you need them. This means there’s no need to worry about hiring or laying off in-house IT employees when business picks up or slows down.
    Additionally, having an outside team dedicated to your IT means you can be sure your technology scales with your business too. Your provider will work with you to increase or reduce your technology based on your business’s needs.

    6. Focus on Core Business

    As a business owner, you know how easy it is to get pulled in a million directions each day. However, your top priority should always be focusing on the core business. Outsourcing IT support services will help you do this easily by freeing up more time.

    If your in-house IT team focuses on small activities like data backup, troubleshooting, or network management, they won't have time to work on newer technology and innovation. Instead, you can outsource these tasks to one provider so that your team has more time for other core responsibilities to the company.

    7. Increased Productivity

    In most scenarios, an in-house IT team gets distracted by technical mishaps that disrupt the smooth running of activities. This reduces their productivity and leads to wasted time. Outsourcing IT services, on the other hand, can help you increase productivity—ensuring the smooth running of activities without interference from technical hitches or glitches.

    Outsourcing IT support services helps you stay focused on what matters. It also keeps everything else operational at the same time because it frees up resources within your organization. And you don't need to worry about finding additional people.

    In Conclusion

    There’s no question that hiring new team members right now is a challenge. But waiting to find the right candidate to handle your IT needs in-house can cause significant problems for your business. It's time to consider outsourcing IT support services to a team of qualified experts like IT Management Solutions so you can stay productive.

    Learn more about IT support from IT Management Solutions and schedule a Discovery Call today!

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