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World Backup Day is Upon Us: How Do You Backup Your Data?

World Backup Day is Upon Us: How Do You Backup Your Data?

A quick scan of the past year’s headlines will show that a data-loss scenario resulting from a hack can unexpectedly hit any business, big or small. Your company needs to have a data backup solution in place, and it’s imperative that backups are taken regularly. Has it been awhile since you last backed up your data?

This is exactly why there’s a World Backup Day; to bring awareness to this mission-critical task in the midst of your busy schedule. This year’s World Backup Day is March 31st. Hopefully, you don’t backup your data only once per year. In fact, the whole purpose of this day is to educate computer users on why the regular replication of their data is important. Additionally, according to the edicts of World Backup Day, all data, both corporate and personal, should be backed up, and IT Management Solutions is here to help you with this endeavor.

Maybe you’re a business owner with a network backup solution in place so that you don’t have to worry about backing up your data. That’s great; having an NAS backup device like COMPANYNAME’s BDR solution (Backup and Disaster Recovery) is the ideal solution for your company’s data backup and recovery needs, but what about your personal data?

As a business owner, it can be difficult to distinguish which of your files are personal and which are meant exclusively for business. After all, you may be so wrapped up in your work that you’ve got sensitive company files spread out over every one of your personal devices, like your smartphone and home PC. You may even have important business-related files on your personal device that haven’t made their way to the company network, which means that they’re not backed up on your company’s NAS backup device, which means that your business would experience a major setback if you were to lose these unsaved files due to an unforeseen accident like a hack, theft, natural disaster, etc. Therefore, you must do everything you can to backup all of your data, not just what’s on your network.

For your personal data backup needs you’ve got a couple of proven options available:

External Hard Disk Drive

An external hard disk drive is a simple solution that’s popular amongst consumers. One reason is because of its affordability. It’s easy to find an external hard drive with one terabyte of storage for under $100 at any major consumer electronics store. One TB of data covers around 750,00 MP3s or photos, or 230 movies, which should be more than enough storage space for the average computer user.

The Cloud

Another backup option for your personal data is the cloud. Taking advantage of cloud storage services like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Apple’s iCloud, and many more provides you with more flexibility than having to plug in and sync your computer or device with a single piece of hardware (a task that can easily be forgotten). Instead, the cloud backups your data automatically across all of your Internet-connected devices, and most consumer cloud services charge reasonable monthly rates.

In addition to having your data backed up, the cloud gives you anytime and anywhere access across all of your devices. This is super convenient if you have multiple devices and travel a lot, but if you want to access your company’s network with your personal device, then we recommend an enterprise-level cloud solution (like the one offered by IT Management Solutions). An enterprise cloud service offers your business better security and more robust sharing options than what’s available on the consumer market.


The best backup solution is one that doesn’t require a reminder once a year, or even once a day. For backing up the data on your company’s network, we recommend our backup and disaster recovery solution. This will automatically and redundantly back up your company’s data so that you don’t have to be bothered with it, and it takes advantage of cloud technology so that your data can be virtualized and made available in the event that your servers go down.

By taking steps like these to implement backup solutions and systems to protect both your personal and corporate data, you won’t need to be reminded about backing up your data for next year’s World Backup Day because you will have everything covered. For assistance with any and all of your data backup needs, give IT Management Solutions a call at 978.291.8125.

Posted by Pedro Nunez on Monday, 30 March 2015 in Best Practices

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