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How a dental practice found stability with the right IT partner

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Amherst Village Dental

Plagued by persistent IT problems and inconsistent support

Dr. Bernard Ang of Amherst Village Dental has been providing comprehensive dentistry services to the Southern New Hampshire and New England community for over 22 years. Given the nature of his practice, which emphasizes guiding patients toward optimal oral health, Dr. Ang recognizes the critical role that a well-functioning and secure IT infrastructure plays in delivering high-quality dental care.

Unfortunately, reliable and proficient dental IT support is difficult to come by, especially one that specifically works with dental practices. Amherst Village Dental previously partnered with an average IT support company, but the results were lackluster. Even though the previous provider would help fix technical issues, problems persisted and downtime became a common occurence. The best solution for Dr. Ang was to switch to a more capable IT support provider that can root out the cause of his practice’s technical issues. This ultimately led him to IT Management Solutions.

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IT Management Solutions possesses many qualities that make them an ideal choice for dental practices.

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Tailored Solutions

Amherst Village Dental needed unique solutions to eliminate their recurring computer problems. Our consultants take the time to understand the challenges of dental practices to formulate an effective technology strategy.

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Proactive Maintenance

Rather than merely addressing issues as they arise, IT Management Solutions anticipates potential problems, applies fixes, and provides recommendations to prevent future issues.

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Open Communication

Responsive communication is important for Amherst Village Dental, and IT Management Solutions excels in delivering just that. Our team is always available to answer any queries, report on deficiencies, and troubleshoot system failures.

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Trustworthy Expertise

IT Management Solutions is committed to doing what’s best for dental practices, even if it means conducting a painstaking system migration process to optimize operations.

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What did Amherst Village Dental get from IT Management Solutions

Increased Operational

IT Management Solutions established a resilient IT infrastructure for Amherst Village Dental using cutting-edge network technologies, cybersecurity measures, and monitoring systems.

Fewer IT

IT Management Solutions’ proactive maintenance has allowed Amherst Village Dental to avoid potential issues before they impact daily operations. Everything from dental software to networks are constantly monitored and optimized, reducing the need for reactive problem-solving.


Dr. Ang values the professional and reliable support from IT Management Solutions. When his dental practice encounters any issues, our team can quickly resolve the issue so they can quickly get back to improving people’s oral health.

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Find out what dental practices have to say about IT Management Solutions

Vanguard Dental Group

Thanks to ITMS, we could concentrate on running our business

“In IT Management Solutions, we found a company that was eager to unburden us of the effort and time we had been spending on IT, meaning we could concentrate on running our business. IT Management Solutions’s ongoing management of our IT infrastructure has ensured stability and their realistic proactive approach ensures we don’t overspend unnecessarily.”

Dr. Craig Rothenberg

Paradise Dental Associates

Excellent knowledge, response, and expertise

“We could not be more satisfied since we switched to ITMS for all of our technology needs 18 months ago. They have helped us do dentistry, which is what we do best. Our systems have been upgraded so everything runs faster, smoother, and with little to no effort on our part. Our hardware, software, and backup systems are state-of-the-art, and we can sleep at night knowing our data is protected. We have been paperless for about a month and without ITMS, that would not have happened. We routinely recommend ITMS to colleagues and will happily continue to do so.”

Dr. Stephen and Helyne Hamelburg

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