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Associated X-Ray Corporation

How a medical imaging company gained peace of mind with reliable, 24/7 managed IT

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Associated X-Ray Corporation

Proving that the right technology partner can make a difference

Associated X-Ray Imaging Corporation has been in business since 1975, providing full service and sales for X-ray equipment. Before partnering with IT Management Solutions, they faced a critical challenge: an unreliable IT provider. As a 24/7 business serving medical imaging needs, even a brief email outage could have significant consequences. For Todd MacDonald, Business Manager, the thought of their email being down and not being able to respond to a customer needing support at 2:00 a.m. was terrifying.

He understood that in critical industries such as healthcare, reliable IT is necessary to ensure business continuity, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, better patient care. This fueled Associated X-Ray Corporation’s search for a new healthcare IT services partner. Todd knew they needed a tech provider that could anticipate problems, ensure system uptime, and provide immediate support, no matter the hour.

Their search ultimately led them to IT Management Solutions, a partnership that transformed their experience.

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The following qualities make ITMS the perfect fit for healthcare businesses:

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Proactive Approach

Unlike Associated X-Ray Corporation’s previous provider, ITMS implements a preventive strategy. We proactively monitor and maintain systems, anticipating problems before they can disrupt vital operations or patient care.


Quick and Accessible Support

IT Management Solutions provides the imaging company with access to a 24/7 help desk. This eliminates delays in critical communication, improving both internal efficiency and responsiveness to customer needs.

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Reliable Backups

In the medical imaging world, data integrity is paramount. IT Management Solutions offers robust and reliable backups, giving Associated X-Ray the peace of mind that essential data is always secure and recoverable.

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Personalized Services

Associated X-Ray isn’t treated as just another client. IT Management Solutions gives personalized attention and implements tailored solutions, enabling the company to seamlessly align their IT infrastructure with specific growth goals.

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With ITMS, Associated X-Ray Corporation now enjoys
these advantages

Proactive Problem-

ITMS anticipates and resolves issues before they turn into bottlenecks. Todd and his team can then be confident that their business remains operational 24/7.

Unparalleled Support

With access to immediate and round-the-clock assistance, Associated X-Ray Corporation can resolve IT challenges even during unconventional hours.


Our tailored solutions meet the unique needs of healthcare businesses, so Associated X-Ray Corporation can count on us to prioritize reliability, security, and compliance.

Continuous Uptime

We ensure uninterrupted service delivery. Since they partnered with us two years ago, Associated X-Ray Corporation has not experienced a minute of downtime.

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