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Corbett Incorporated

How an irrigation firm enhanced security and streamlined communications with our fully managed services

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Corbett Incorporated

Unleashing growth potential by unloading IT on external experts

Corbett Incorporated, a commercial and residential irrigation company, used to rely on a self-managed IT setup, with a basic network and phone calls for communication. It worked, but when the pandemic hit and remote work became essential, it wasn’t too long before Corbett’s fragile IT infrastructure crumbled under the pressure.

Making calls back and forth on traditional landlines became too inefficient, and the company lacked the technology to access crucial files on the go. Additionally, more remote devices meant higher risks of cyberthreats. Frank Deegan, Corbett’s representative, knew that these hiccups in their network could shut their business down. They needed agility and security — and fast. Recognizing their IT limitations, Corbett Incorporated sought external expertise. They looked for a tech partner that could facilitate seamless communication between office and field teams, as well as ensure robust cybersecurity, allowing them to shift focus away from IT management and toward business growth.

IT Management Solutions stepped in, offering a comprehensive solution.

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The following features and qualities resonated with Corbett, driving them to choose IT Management Solutions as their tech provider:


Top-of-the-Line Solutions

IT Management Solutions’s cutting-edge technology, including powerful cloud-based solutions and advanced cybersecurity measures, empowers Corbett’s teams to collaborate more efficiently and securely.


Expert Guidance and Support

We not only propose necessary network and cybersecurity infrastructure upgrades, but we also provide Corbett with invaluable guidance throughout the transition process, resulting in minimal disruption to operations.


Reliability and Responsiveness

Corbett needs an IT partner they can count on to provide ongoing support. We offer 24/7 monitoring and support services, swiftly resolving technical issues as they arise.


Customized Services

Understanding Corbett’s business and industry enables us to provide them with personalized services, ensuring that their IT infrastructure supports their specific business objectives.

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What benefits did Corbett reap with IT Management
Solutions as their partner?

Network Upgrade

ITMS replaced Corbett’s outdated network with a robust and secure infrastructure. Now, the irrigation firm enjoys improved communication and data flow within the company.

Cybersecurity Enhancements

By implementing advanced cybersecurity measures, ITMS gives Corbett Incorporated the peace of mind that their sensitive data is always protected.

Remote Work Enablement

With remote work becoming the norm post-pandemic, we ensure seamless connectivity and swift troubleshooting for Corbett’s remote employees so they remain productive.

Continuous Partnership

Corbett Irrigation can count on ITMS to provide expert advice and the right solutions even as their business grows and their IT needs change.

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