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The importance of working with the right IT partner

Paradise Dental, established by Dr. Stephen Hamelberg in 2001, is a thriving dental practice based in Salem, Massachusetts. Over the years, the practice has grown significantly, focusing on delivering high-quality dental care with a commitment to staying technologically advanced. But it wasn’t always this way.

Before partnering with IT Management Solutions, Paradise Dental was suffering from inconsistent and poor performing IT solutions. Initial attempts with another IT company proved disappointing, with issues of unresponsiveness, prolonged downtime, and major concerns about data security. Paradise Dental required a specialized dental IT support provider that can efficiently fix their technical issues and provide reliable solutions to optimize their operations.

IT Management Solutions stepped in to address the practice’s unique needs and goals.

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The decision to partner with IT Management Solutions was driven by a combination of factors:

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Responsive IT Support

Unlike other providers that may leave clients waiting for a response, IT Management Solutions is available 24/7 to fix technical problems and minimize downtime.

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Comprehensive Services

IT Management Solutions’ holistic support services cover phones, computers, security, backups, and more. Paradise Dental required this vast expertise to grow their practice.

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Reputable Service

IT Management Solutions’ responsiveness, care, and commitment to addressing Paradise Dental's specific needs inspired confidence. References and on-site visits to other satisfied clients reassured Dr. Hamelberg about our ability to handle his practice’s unique IT requirements.

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Vendor Connections

IT Management Solutions is well-connected with leading technology vendors in the dental industry. From server glitches to X-Ray problems, we can coordinate with the right vendors to find a swift and effective solution.

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How Paradise Dental benefited from IT
Management Solutions

Scalable Growth

Since partnering with IT Management Solutions, Paradise Dental transitioned from a small setup to a larger office with 12 operatories and doubled computer systems seamlessly.

Smooth Operations

When Paradise Dental experiences technical issues, they can count on us to quickly fix the problem. Our proactive IT support enables the practice to run optimally at all times.

Business-IT Alignment

IT Management Solutions made sure that every technology, service, and strategy implemented contributed directly to Paradise Dental’s efficiency and success.

Peace of Mind

With secure data management and reliable IT systems, Dr. Hamelberg and his staff can focus on providing the best quality care for their patients.

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Find out what dental practices have to say about IT Management Solutions

Vanguard Dental Group

Thanks to ITMS, we could concentrate on running our business

“In IT Management Solutions, we found a company that was eager to unburden us of the effort and time we had been spending on IT, meaning we could concentrate on running our business. IT Management Solutions’s ongoing management of our IT infrastructure has ensured stability and their realistic proactive approach ensures we don’t overspend unnecessarily.”

Dr. Craig Rothenberg

Amherst Village Dental

I should have switched to IT Management Solutions sooner

“Some of the benefits we have seen when working with IT Management Solutions is that they’re actually very proactive. They come to me with reports telling me what I’m lacking and actually give recommendations so that we can avoid having issues down the road. The communication is always open. When I need any question answered when I call, I always get a reply.”

Dr. Bernard Ang

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