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Pelham Building Supply

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Pelham Building Supply

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Founded by Ron Bedard in 1982, Pelham Building Supply is a construction supply store catering to Pelham, New Hampshire’s homeowners and contractors. Bedard believes that service, selection, and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of good business, and through this philosophy, he was able to build up the company’s esteem over the years.

Unfortunately, Pelham Building Supply’s email got compromised, and as a result, the company became blacklisted across their network of suppliers and clients. They reached out to IT Management Solutions when their previous IT support setup could not solve the issue, and we were able to quickly get them back online, helping salvage their reputation.

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Pelham Building Supply needed to make a quick decision on who to turn to for IT help when their email got compromised. Here’s why they decided on IT Management Solutions:


Constant Support and Strong Cybersecurity

We have implemented robust security measures to guarantee Pelham Building Supply’s data remains protected against evolving threats. IT Management Solutions empowers Pelham Building Supply with uninterrupted operations through our comprehensive 24/7 technical support. This commitment ensures the swift resolution of IT issues, minimizing downtime and safeguarding their productivity and efficiency.


The Best Solutions at the Best Prices

Leveraging strategic partnerships with leading technology providers in the retail and merchandising sector, IT Management Solutions offers Pelham Building Supply unmatched agility in addressing their IT challenges. We can swiftly identify and deploy best-in-class solutions for everything, from routine server maintenance to complex cybersecurity threats.


All-In IT Services

IT Management Solutions provides Pelham Building Supply with a comprehensive IT infrastructure solution, from cutting-edge cybersecurity measures to reliable backups to robust protection of end-point devices such as phones and computers. This holistic approach empowers Pelham to seamlessly scale their operations with unwavering confidence.


Unmatched IT Experience

Our tailored, responsive service helped us establish immediate trust with Pelham Building Supply. What’s more, our commitment to understanding their unique IT requirements, combined with our extensive experience across diverse sectors, ensures we can deploy the right solutions to effectively address Pelham’s specific needs.

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Pelham Building Supply now enjoys the following benefits,
thanks to IT Management Solutions

Future-Proof IT

By partnering with IT Management Solutions, Pelham Building Supply gains a proactive team of IT strategists at their fingertips. We leverage the latest technological advancements to deliver innovative solutions, empowering Pelham to not only maintain but sharpen their competitive edge. This allows them to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape with agility and confidence.

Peace of Mind

Pelham Building Supply has trusted IT Management Solutions with their mission-critical IT infrastructure for several years, demonstrating their unwavering confidence in our ability to deliver consistently reliable, expert support.

Robust Data Security

Pelham Building Supply enjoys enhanced operational resilience, thanks to IT Management Solutions’s secure data environment. We help ensure that threats are kept at bay and that the business can quickly resume operations in the event of downtime

Complete Technical Support

IT Management Solutions empowers Pelham Building Supply with a comprehensive IT infrastructure solution, encompassing critical areas like server management and robust cybersecurity. Through this, Pelham Building Supply achieves maximum operational efficiency and develops a sharpened strategic focus.

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