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The Ross Mortgage Company is an independent mortgage lender founded in 2001 by Robert Kalagher, who remains President to this day. He built the company up from a tiny operation on a pair of folding tables into a 50-person team with a mission of educating borrowers to make the best financial decisions for themselves.

The business depends a lot on their computer systems to complete transactions, disburse loans, and provide client education, and Robert understands that the health of their business will be significantly affected if their IT system goes down. That’s why he and his team chose to partner with an IT services provider with a solid reputation and a heart for service: IT Management Solutions.

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By partnering with us, Ross Mortgage was able to experience the following benefits:


A Selection of IT Packages to Suit Every Budget

IT Management Solutions delivers a holistic IT support ecosystem, encompassing essential services from endpoint management (phones, computers) to robust security and secure data backups. This empowers organizations such as Ross Mortgage Company to achieve seamless scalability with unrivaled confidence.


Access to Strong Vendor Relationships

IT Management Solutions collaborates with industry-leading technology providers in the financial services sector. This strategic alliance empowers us to swiftly identify and implement the most efficient solutions for Ross Mortgage’s IT challenges, ranging from minor server issues to intricate cybersecurity threats. We also support their efforts in enhancing their compliance posture.


IT Support That Is Available 24/7/365

We provide comprehensive round-the-clock technical support to Ross Mortgage, ensuring swift resolution of IT issues and minimizing downtime. This commitment lessens business disruptions and safeguards their productivity and efficiency.


Decades of Technical Experience

IT Management Solutions swiftly established trust with Ross Mortgage Company through our responsive and personalized service, which demonstrates a deep understanding of their specific IT requirements. Moreover, client testimonials and on-site visits with satisfied customers served as tangible evidence of our expertise in addressing the unique IT challenges faced by mortgage practices.

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With IT Management Solutions, Ross Mortgage
now experiences:

Complete Technical Support

IT Management Solutions provides a holistic IT support ecosystem, relieving Ross Mortgage of managing vital infrastructure such as servers and robust cybersecurity. This empowers Ross Mortgage to dedicate their resources and expertise solely to core business functions, maximizing operational efficiency and achieving enhanced strategic focus.

Robust Data Security

Ross Mortgage Company operates confidently, thanks to IT Management Solutions’s secure data environment. Our robust data recovery mechanisms guarantee a rapid and streamlined restoration process, minimizing downtime and mitigating potential losses in the event of unforeseen outages or cyberattacks.

Future-Proof IT

Partnering with IT Management Solutions grants Ross Mortgage access to a team of forward-thinking IT professionals. By actively keeping up with the latest technological advancements, we empower Ross Mortgage to maintain a competitive edge and navigate the ever-evolving business landscape with agility.

Peace of Mind

For years, Ross Mortgage has placed their trust in IT Management Solutions for their critical IT infrastructure. This enduring partnership serves as a testament to Ross Mortgage’s profound confidence in our ability to consistently deliver reliable, expert support and our steadfast commitment to their long-term success.

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