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Overview and Plans for VoIP

IT Management Solutions offers a variety of service plans and all of our lines are mix-and-match, meaning you can build the best phone plan for your small- or medium-sized business.

Unlimited Extensions

  • Unlimited monthly calls
  • Keep same phone number
  • No contract needed



Virtual Extensions

  • Mobile forwarding
  • Integrate cell phones
  • Unlimited inbound calls



Unlimited SIP Trunk

  • Unlimited domestic calling
  • Built-in fail over protection
  • Utilize existing equipment



Communicate effectively and reliably with unified VOIP communications

IT Management Solutions is the small business communications solution provider with the experience to provide an entire range of telecommunications solutions to meet your needs. Our customized solutions are designed to meet your current business needs and flexible enough to expand as your business grows.

Hosted and onsite hybrid-hosted solution

The Best of Both Worlds! is built on a unique patent-pending architecture that has the reliability of premise, but the flexibility of hosted, therefore "hybrid-hosted". Like a hosted solution, you get free VoIP calling, easy telecommuters, anywhere management, and monitoring. But, like a premise solution, you also get rock-solid PSTN connectivity, advanced premise-style features (hosted usually lags years behind), and complete call privacy.

Secure local data

Because our VoIP solution starts at the customer premise, it continues to receive and make calls if your Internet connection goes down. Your data is also 100% private because your voice traffic, voicemails, and recordings are only stored at your premise.

Want to learn more about how your business can benefit from Hosted PBX and VoIP services powered by [comapany_short]? Let us help with your questions, and we'll make recommendations that best fit your business needs.

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