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Picking Your Target: Step 2 of 4 On How To Pivot Your Business From Defense to Offense

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for attending the webinar, as promised here are all the resources on how to start pivoting your business from Defense to Offence.

If you are like me, I know you are already taking action.
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Description of the Webinar:

This session is brought to you by Pedro Nunez, CEO of IT Management Solutions, and presented by Ryan Markel of Petra Coach. Ryan will bring his experience helping companies all over the US to grow exponentially and pivot to show you the 4 steps to move your business from defense to offense and kick it into high gear.

During The Second Webinar In This Series You Will Learn:

  • The 4 steps for pivoting a business
  • Discover what phase of Crisis you are in now, so you can develop a plan for Recovery
  • How most people set their goals and why it is guaranteed to limit your results
  • How to ensure you’ve chosen the correct focus for your business
  • How to avoid the 3 most common mistakes people make when setting goals
  • The 4 most successful ways to measure your progress

A plan doesn’t get you anywhere – you must have a bias toward ACTION!

Attendees Receive An Exclusive Pivot Planning Toolkit which includes:

  • Adaptive Crisis Checklist
  • Short-Term SWOT Analysis
  • Meeting Rhythm Assessment
  • 30-60-90- Day Planning Tools for team alignment and execution
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