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Integrating technology and solving problems across New England

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You bought your computers and expensive IT to make your business more productive. Your network should NOT run slowly! It should Not cause you stress! And this is why you need IT Mgmt Solutions We can get it working as it should - improving your bottom line, helping you to grow and fulfilling the vision you have for your business.

Here's why we're the team to trust

For a start we believe in answering the phone right away. A lot of IT companies fail even at this hurdle. We then fix things right the first time, follow through on your requests, and actually keep our word! We know you depend on your technology to run your business, and you shouldn’t have to nag your IT company just to get something done.

Also, we believe that just because you don’t have thousands of employees doesn’t mean you can’t have a dedicated IT staff. In fact, most of our clients have between 10-150 computers. Our clients provide professional business services that rely on email, LOB (Line of Business Applications), the Internet, and their computer network to run their business. As a result, companies in and around Boston, Worcester Mass and Manchester, Portsmouth NH trust us to install and support the technologies and computer systems that run their entire businesses.


We work most effectively with clients who:

  • Need IT Management Services that are secure and reliable for the network infrastructures of their companies.
  • Understand technology to be a powerful method for gaining and retaining competitive edge and ramping up productivity.
  • Want an advisor they can trust as their technology partner to help them be more profitable and productive through professional network and IT support.
  • Are committed to investing in systems and technology to remove repetitive manual tasks and to improve communication with Computer and Communications Networks.


How much money will managed cloud services save you?

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From fewer hardware purchases to less IT downtime, cloud technology comes with clear financial benefits. But if you’re struggling to quantify savings related to things like increased employee productivity and operational efficiency, this eBook was written for you.


Why our clients love working with it management solutions

Ross Mortgage Company

Northbridge Companies

Silverio Insurance Agency

Paradise Dental Associates

Laurentide Mashpee Assisted Living

Amherst Village Dental

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