Hosted Servers

It's time to make your storage worries a thing of the past

Does managing servers give you and your employees a headache? You’re not alone. If you think you could save time and effort by eliminating information storage, you should try a hosted solution. Imagine having no backup worries, freeing up company resources being much more eco-friendly. Hosted servers from IT Mgmt Solutions give you all these advantages and infinite flexibility.

Transferring your data to the hosted servers is easier than you think. An added benefit is that you can get rid of the space-consuming and worrisome physical equipment required to keep your current IT systems running smoothly. Start focusing on growing your business and stop dealing with server issues, let us take care of that.

Hosted Servers from IT Mgmt Solutions will save funds on energy costs, give access to new office space and allow you to forget the hassles of dealing with in-house servers.

Cloud Servers from IT Mgmt Solutions can provide:

  • Fewer worries - our technicians will regularly monitor and maintain your servers.
  • Pay for usage - only pay for the server space you actually use.
  • a responsive system - instantly upgrade software, add applications and acquire more - or less - space as you need.
  • Made for you - create a tailor-made server based on your unique usage, needs, wants and specifications.

As a busy business owner you don't want to waste time, money and effort on server management. That’s why the best solution is to go for IT Mgmt Solutions's fully managed hosting services.

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