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Dear Fellow CEO,

You are about to make a critical decision: Who can you TRUST to properly manage and secure your company’s critical data and IT systems?

This decision, if mishandled or granted to the wrong person, could turn into a number of extremely expensive and potentially devastating problems for you, including a ransomware attack, data breach and compliance violation. If you don’t want that kind of stress in your life, then you should ONLY trust IT Management Solutions.

However, we are not a right fit for everyone. Therefore, in the spirit of saving time for both of us, I submit to you the following checklist to help you identify if our services would be ideal for you…or not. The following are the types of people who seek us out and gain the greatest benefit from our services:


CEOs Of Successful, Growing Firms

Why? Because we know that with so many pressing deadlines and demands on your time, you need an IT company that can keep up with your growth, get things done right and not create problems that will slow your organization down OR put you at risk of a devastating, costly cyber-attack.

That’s why our service plans are designed to take complete responsibility for everything IT-related in your business. Our #1 goal is to eliminate technical problems that interfere with you and your team’s productivity and progress. You won’t hear us telling you, “That’s not our problem,” “We can’t handle that for you” or “You’ll have to call XYZ company to get that problem resolved.” We simply get it done and don’t quibble over who caused it or whose problem it is. If you’re the kind of CEO who just wants to have everything handled, we’re ideal for you.

CEOs Who Have A Low Tolerance For Risk

Why? Cyber-attacks and ransomware are REAL threats that can deliver a devastating, costly blow. One incident can quickly spiral out of control with extensive downtime, lost business, the inability to collect money and transact for weeks, legal fees, pricey emergency restoration fees and reputational damages, not to mention compliance violations and data breach fines.

The clients we serve do not foolishly take these threats lightly and need an IT company that will ensure they are brilliantly prepared, the damages minimized and the risk dramatically lowered. If you are someone who doesn’t “have anything a hacker would want” or is okay with rolling the dice, we’re not the IT company for you.

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Why? Our best clients are the ones who want things done RIGHT the first time, so they don’t have to deal with do-overs
and the aggravation of managing their IT vendor. They would rather invest a bit more in the right tools, technology and
infrastructure up front than try to save every penny. That’s not to suggest they are foolish in their budgets and
spending – just the opposite. They simply know you get what you pay for.


Pedro Nunez

CEO / Founder
IT Management Solutions

CEOs Who Want A Competent, Professional TEAM Supporting Them

Why? Because they hire and run their business with teams and appreciate our Team System for providing exceptional IT support. They know that the most dangerous number in business is “one.” They also know that no one person has the answer to every single problem, and that difficult problems are best solved when a highly competent and experienced team of professionals come together to resolve it.

If we sound like a good fit for you, I encourage you to call our office and request a free IT & Cyber Security Risk Assessment so we can further evaluate your current IT systems, security, backups, and IT costs. This consultation is free of charge and will give you a third-party assessment of your current IT protections and systems, revealing where you are at risk for a ransomware attack, lost data and extended downtime, as well as evaluate areas of cost savings and greater productivity for your team.

To request this please click on the link below to book your discovery call or give us a call

Dedicated to serving you,

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