Cyber security consulting

Cyber security consulting

Large and small businesses alike face a cadre of increasingly sophisticated data security threats. These threats come in the form of data breaches, ransomware attacks, data leakage, hacking, and insider threats that result in the loss of consumer confidence and place your business at risk. Regardless of the size of your business, a one-on-one strategy session with a cyber security engineer can help your company stay ahead of hackers and other threats.

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As a business owner, you owe it to your customers, employees, and the reputation and good name of your business to take every possible precaution to improve data security and protect your business from the many threats that abound on the World Wide Web. This is where cyber security consulting comes into the picture. Here’s what you need to know about the risks to your business and the steps you can take to avoid many of them.

What Does a Cyber Security Consultant Do?

You don’t always see the efforts cyber security consultants make to protect your business. Not unless you yourself possess impressive technical skills. However, a cyber security consultant's actions to protect your business can save you a great deal of headache, hassle, heartache, and money in the long run. These are just a few of the professional services a cyber security consultant provides.

Security Program Design

Thanks to a deep understanding of the threats your business faces, your security consultant can do so much more to benefit your business than install security systems for your computer. Your security consultant can design a security program that is configured to the unique and specific needs of your business.

Security Controls

Security consultants can help clients implement best practices

The right consulting services also create security controls that minimize your risk by reducing vulnerabilities to many traditional threats. What sets a security consultant apart from more conventional security services is the personalized assistance you receive when establishing these controls.

It isn’t a one size fits all process. You get all the benefits of an information security consultant that is dedicated to meeting your individual needs.

Industry Standards Compliance

Compliance with industry standards is of critical importance for businesses seeking to prove they’ve performed sufficient due diligence to prevent foreseeable cyber attacks and hacking events. More importantly, complying with industry standards for cybersecurity can help you avoid some of the more common attacks such as ordinary phishing scams, ransomware attacks, and many of the viruses that bring other businesses to grinding halts.

Strategic Advisory Services

Of course, all reasonable security efforts come down to having an effective strategy in play to avoid more advanced security and PCI DSS compliance issues. You don’t have to operate in a dedicated IT environment to need the peace of mind and security that comes with a solid data security strategy for your business. As the need for information security rises, you can’t afford to leave something as critical as cybersecurity for your company to anyone other than highly skilled professionals with the knowledge and resources to offer effective strategies, tools, and advice.

Risk Reduction

Minimize the risk of sensitive data being hacked

Ultimately, it’s all about reducing risks to your organization. The more secure your system happens to be, the less risk your business assumes. Utilizing contracted services to mitigate cyber threats is a solid investment for any business that deals with financial, personal, or medical information related to your clients. With businesses growing more dependent on technology by the day, few businesses are invulnerable in this area.

Due Diligence

Hiring security consultants to protect the information and data your business possesses is an ideal way to prove you’ve done your due diligence when it comes to implementing security solutions to protect your business, your customers, and the people who work for you.

Ransomware Protection

While ransomware attacks tend to wax and wane over time, recent trends show a stark increase in the severity and scope of ransomware attacks. Protecting your business against these types of attacks involves more than simply having measures in place to prevent them. You must also take action to limit how crippling they can be if they do happen to you.

Strategic Readiness

Is your business ready to face the cyber threats that exist today? What about those that loom in the future? From penetration testing to advanced security solutions, the right cyber security consulting team goes far beyond simple advisory services to have you ready for real-world security threats to your business.

Incident Response

When cyber incursions occur, do you have a plan in place to isolate and neutralize the threats? What is your response to these incidents? You need security solutions that can quickly identify and respond to the threat in a way that protects information, data, and the people your business is responsible for defending.


Evaluate your cyber security vulnerabilities

Cybersecurity consultants also have the technical skills to assess your current vulnerabilities and come up with a plan to eliminate them while making your IT environment more secure all around.


Perhaps one of the most important services cyber security consulting firms provide is that of training you and your staff on the threats that exist and how best to combat them. This includes how to use the systems they set up for you as well as how to identify and eliminate security system weaknesses in the future.

Managed Services

More than mere consulting services, most information security consulting firms offer managed many of the information technology needs of your company.

Penetration Testing

When exploring your options for information security consultants, make sure they offer penetration testing to ensure your system is up to the challenges it will face daily.

Why Hire a Cyber Security Consultant?

If your business uses the internet at all, you need to make cybersecurity a priority. The average business owner lacks the technical proficiency to provide adequate protection for your business, even if you have the soft skills to manage other areas of your IT needs. These are a few important reasons to consider consulting services for your business.

Conduct Security Assessments

You need to know what your security needs are so that you can defend against them.

Determine Network Access Control

Limiting access within and without your business organization can greatly reduce the threats your business faces.

Serve as Security Consultants or as a Security Administrator

You can choose how “hands-on” your security consultants are – whether you’re interested in someone who consults or who serves in a more involved IT management and administrative capacity, your consultant can be that individual for your business.

Develop and Implement an Effective Cyber Security Strategy

Cybersecurity is not simply about compliance. It isn’t something you can learn by reading a single cybersecurity guide. It requires an effective strategy based on years of experience, deep research, and extensive technical knowledge.

Tips When Hiring a Cyber Security Consultant

IT cybersecurity professionals have the knowledge to protect your business

Don’t simply hire the first cyber security firm you encounter. Take the time to find one with a reputation for proficiency, integrity, and service to the community. You’re not looking for a one size fits all solution. Your business is unique, and you need someone who has the availability to protect organizations like yours from hackers and more.

Cyber Security Consulting Services – Security Solutions Your Business Needs

The risks to businesses like yours from these "virtual" threats are real. Every person who has access to your business network is a potential threat from management on down. Don't make the mistake of thinking you're too small to be a target -- or too large. Cyber threats against your organization are real. Now is the time to research your options and check the availability and resources of various IT consulting and management organizations to see which one can best meet your needs

The nature of cyber threats against your business is constantly evolving. Technology moves at a lightning-fast pace You need a solid strategy in place to manage these threats and protect your company. Don't leave something as important as cyber security to chance. Contact IT Management Solutions today to begin working on your cybersecurity strategy.